Ohhhh Mediacorp

Mediacorp’s new logo, new campus, a fresh start or a borrowed idea?

The official ceremony for Mediacorp’s new building was graced by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong who serenaded the importance of the media organisation in shaping the identity of our nation.


Mediacorp begins it’s 9 month move from it’s long time home at Caldecott Broadcast Centre to the new Mediacorp Campus, Stars Avenue in One North. It was a huge celebration with fireworks unveiling the new 12 storey campus.


It has also had a makeover, discarding it’s old logo for a multicoloured letter “M” which reflects the company’s “vibrancy and its multiplicity of talent, media and experiences”, as Mediacorp CEO Shaun Seow put it.


“Our new logo’s rich palette also channels Singapore’s cultural smorgasbord. Even as we innovate to meet changing needs, we strive to bind our society together, like how the colours in the letter “M” come together holistically” Added Mr Seow.

Their new campus unlike it’s predecessor features a fence-less compound which provides a more open concept which allows the public to better interact with the company. Great news for celebrity fan-club enthusiasts.

Now, lets deal with the creative genius behind the brand.

Stars Avenue sounds tremendously familiar to Hong Kong’s Avenue of Stars. A famous boardwalk featuring the who’s who of Hong Kong’s entertainment industry. Some say innovation, some say seriously Mediacorp, you couldn’t come up with a better name considering you have a whole host of “creative” talent?


The new logo looks brighter and it does lend vibrancy to the brand, adding renewed vigour to the long lived broadcasting agency. And it totally compliments the “innovative” name they chose for their new campus. Considering that it looks like they grabbed it off shutterstock.


Do all those Ms look familiar?

Oh wait…how about this stock image?



Congratulations Mediacorp, your rich heritage does shine through.




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