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Singapore’s manpower landscape has gone through a whole lot of changes this year.

And with Professionals, Managers and Executives increasing in numbers, it’s no wonder that most of the initiatives introduced in 2015 were targeted at helping this group of workers.

The government together with the labour movement enhanced its support for Singaporean PMEs as part of ongoing efforts to strengthen the Singaporean Core.

Amidst all the changes, Singapore is also seeing its economy restructuring and its foreign labour market further tightened.


The Fair Consideration Framework was enhanced and is aimed at levelling the playing field for local PMEs in search of jobs.


This ensures that Singaporeans are given a more than equal chance at job opportunities.

Newer initiatives like the Enhanced Place and Train programme (P-Max) for PMEs were launched. Matured PMEs (40 years and above) who have been out of a job for 6 months or more can get help through the Career Support Programme as well.

A the same time, the labour movement has stepped in to help PMEs to progress in their careers through a series of courses and professional development programmes.

patrick tay

According to NTUC Assistant secretary general Patrick Tay, the labour movement is paying particular attention to PMEs above 40, and young PMEs.

Moving into the new year ahead, the NTUC will also further enhance the Singaporean Core at workplaces and develop sector-specific career ladders under the SkillsFuture Tripartite Committee on sectoral manpower.


While we tread into a uncertain year ahead, what is certain is that the government together with its tripartite partners, including the labour movement and the various industry partners are coming together to help PMEs and other workers remain employable.


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