Save-A-Stranger – A Worthy Cause

Hey may be a stranger to you, but to some, especially those at Strangers Reunion he isn’t.

Head Chef at Strangers Reunion, Sebastian a 26 year old has recently been diagnosed with 4 different types of cancer, and not having the necessary insurance coverage to tide him through his treatments, the restaurant has taken to social media to raise awareness and funds for him to receive the proper treatment needed.

Usually closed on Tuesdays, the restaurant now opens it’s doors with all sales proceeds going to a fund used to provide for their Head Chef.

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Sebastian, our dear friend, and the head chef of Strangers’ Reunion since the beginning – has been recently diagnosed with four different kinds of cancer at just 26 years old. The treatments are proving to be substantially costly, as he unfortunately does not have the appropriate insurance coverage to tide him through this period of time.
We are sure he’s touched the lives of many who have been to Strangers’ Reunion, and the many people who have worked with him. He’s been there for countless blogger events, food-tasting sessions, and tirelessly working in the kitchen, making sure that the food on your table tastes good.

In order to lend support to someone who has given us much of his, Strangers’ Reunion and Curious Palette will no longer be closed on Tuesdays. Instead, both our cafes will be open for business every Tuesday from 12pm – 9pm. All staff working on Tuesdays will be volunteering their time, and all proceeds from Tuesdays’ sales will go to a fund to support Sebastian through his treatments.
All we need from you, is to simply help to spread the word about our Save-a- Stranger initiative – Come dine for a good cause, either at Strangers’ Reunion or Curious Palette. Any bit of help will be greatly appreciated – please, bring your family and friends down if you’d like to contribute.

Save-A-Stranger commences 8th December, and we will be open for business every Tuesday till we hit our target.

Strangers’ Reunion
35 Kampong Bahru Rd, 169356
Tel: 6222 4869

Curious Palette
64 Prinsep St, 188667
Tel: 6238 1068



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