The Future of Singapore

What does the future of Singapore hold?

As we bid farewell to 2015, we look at a future that could be for Singapore. Celebrating Singapore’s Jubilee year this year, we’ve all witnessed the countless videos and reminders of our humble past. Watching CBD grow from a mud flat and a swamp into a metropolis with buildings so tall and shiny my late grandfather would have been afraid to have set foot in.

Attending “The Future of Us” held at the Gardens by the Bay, I’ve witnessed the visions that some have for our future, a vision inspired by the generations of our past. With a key focus on continued education, affordability, practicality and a shared community.

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However there are also flying cars and really sleek Hologram Technology that all of us carry with us everywhere we go, even to the park for Tai Chi. Something we’re highly unlikely to see anytime soon. I sincerely hope I’m wrong about this and would gladly eat my words if we’ve got hologram technology like the minority report in the year 2030.

There’ve been a lot of work that has gone into the envisioning of a futuristic Singapore that’s both habitable, social and practical. But the groundwork begins with those that have taken the first steps, the daunting and gruelling steps to make community more inclusive.


Standupfor.SG has been making headlines this year, from being involved with the pioneer generation to ensuring that everyone is taken care of during the haze whilst the rest of us complain about the smog.

They’ve gone door to door, covering the ground whenever the need arises or the opportunity presents itself. Opportunities being public holidays where I’ve guiltily indulged in only my own community.

The good people from Standupfor.SG have also had a mini exhibition during the “Future Of Us” with a fully immersive tour of the various elements in which they and mostly us can contribute to making Singapore a much better place.


Their initiatives were an eye opener and also a much needed shelter from the sweltering heat at the Gardens by the Bay.

One thing’s for certain about the future, we’re all a part of one community, and with people like them taking the lead the future of Singapore will be a bright one .

I’m still hoping for flying cars.


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