The retail sector will no longer be the same…

Yes, that’s because there’s a new plan to change it from what it is today.

singapore still a shopping heaven

Most retailers complain about increasing business costs and manpower constraints. What’s more, business operations are impacted due to the rise of e-commerce.


Hence, to redesign jobs in the industry and build a “Future-Ready” retail workforce, a Retail Sectoral Manpower Plan (SMP) was launched by SPRING Singapore and the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA).

The plan was developed in consultation with industry stakeholders and the unions.

Under the plan, retailers will receive support from the government in enhancing jobs and business models. Retail employees and students will also be provided with more training opportunities.


The plan will focus on 4 key areas, starting with business remodelling and job redesign study to identify the skills and training needs for retail jobs of the future.

Students will also get assistance with transitioning from school to the retail workplace through another initiative which aims to enhance core human resource competencies in the sector, with SPRING and WDA supporting retail companies on 100 human resource capability projects.

There are enhanced internships and a SkillsFuture Earn and Learn programme for ITE and polytechnic students and fresh graduates industry exposure.

To address the future manpower needs of the industry, SPRING and WDA will work together with retailers and trade unions and develop the Skills Framework for Retail to map skills needs with career progression pathways.

The retail industry looks set for a mighty change.

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