These migrant workers teach us a valuable lesson…

This video really warmed our hearts…

The world celebrates International Migrant’s Day this coming Friday, 18 December. And to celebrate it, the Migrant Workers Centre made a touching video clip of migrant workers living and working in Singapore.


What is most interesting is that apart from the usual questions about their reasons for choosing to work in Singapore, the video actually showed how certain groups of migrant workers give of their time by volunteering for Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs).


They could have made use of their time on other leisure activities, but the fact that they chose to volunteer and give back to society is truly something commendable. In fact, how many of us Singaporeans make use of our own time to volunteer at VWOs out of our own free will?

In a recent article which appeared on our site, the findings of a report showed that Singaporeans would rather part with their money than time. The report by Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) ranked Singapore 34th on the index behind ASEAN neighbours Malaysia and Myanmar.


As an local young interviewee rightly mentioned in the video, these migrant workers are the silent heroes who constantly work behind the scenes to keep our nation going, perhaps we should also take a leaf out of their books, and give of our time, and give back to society.


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