Train Disruption Imminent

The Downtown line will begin operation this Sunday on the 27th December.

And Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan has come out and said it before anyone else does. “Teething issues” are expected during the initial months of operation. Breakdown and failures will take place and I guess we have to suck it up.


In a blogpost on Monday, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan said engineers have spent many months preparing and testing the entire system, from the operations control centre to the trains and tunnels.

This includes a very large number of tests on the integration between DTL1 and DTL2, he said. By the time of the opening, they would have chalked up thousands of tests.

He also said that there would definitely be a bedding-in period that’ll last several months before systems stabilise. So there’ll definitely be bound to have train disruptions.


Are they just throwing it out there because they don’t know how things might go, so they’d rather not over promise and just under deliver? We won’t know what the strategy or play is, but Mr Khaw did say that engineers are working hard to minimise any issues during the “bedding-in” period.


And on a cheerful not, commuters will enjoy complimentary rides for a duration after the opening of the line.

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