You’re not as lonely as this schoolboy

This schoolboy lives on an island tinier than ours.

And in the spirit of the festive season, a redditor who read about Anderson a 10 year old British schoolboy who’s the sole student in his school, is urging people from around the globe to send him holiday cards.


The 10 year old is the sole pupil in a two room schoolhouse and spends his free time riding his bicycle around the tiny Scottish island of Out Skerries and hanging out with ducks. Think your life is bad, ducks don’t have facebook.


Anderson isn’t the only one on the island who’s had his fare of worries, the adults who call the island home have mainly relied on salmon fishing for their livelihood. But with that contract expired this year, and to top that local air operators have announced that they would stop sending planes to make deliveries to the island. The local secondary school where Anderson’s brothers and friends once studied have also been shuttered due to budget cuts, leaving poor Anderson having to travel by boat everyday for two and a half hours to get to school once he graduates from primary school.


So to cheer the lonely boy up, holiday cards from around the world will be his Christmas present this year.


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