10 advice for millennials and Gen Zs…

Desmond Choo

If you’re born between 1981 and 2000, then that makes you a Millennial or what was commonly known as Gen Y. But if you are born after 2000, then you are a Gen Z.

Either way, you will be shaping and leading the next 50 years of nation-building, according to NTUC Director for Youth Development Unit, Desmond Choo.

Here’s 10 things he said in his maiden speech in Parliament today (25 Jan 2016) which will matter to you Millennials and Gen Zs:

1. Helping Millennials succeed

young educated

“Amidst a restructuring and renewing economy, I believe that we are at the inflexion point in our nation’s development where we must put in place structures that best allow our Millennials and young workers to succeed and shape our nation.”

2. Prepare early and be ready

“…while new opportunities abound, Singapore also faces uncertainty in the economic and geopolitical spaces. Preparing early and being ready to adapt quickly to new workplace requirements is more important than ever.”

3. Priorities and experiences

“what many meant is “not only is career success important, social and family successes are equally important.” They want latitude in managing their time to explore personal growth. This is especially so when they are true digital natives who are comfortable producing work anywhere, not just in the office.”

4. Growth and Learning Curves

“many of the young workers reveal that some left their jobs because they felt that they are not learning much anymore. Or when the career paths are not clear. Or when they cannot identify with the work of the company.”

5. Hands-on work and mentorship

“Technology has allowed them to learn more and better through connecting with people rather than just mere consumption of information.”

6. Nexus Between Learning and Job Requirements

“Many young Singaporeans aspire for a degree. We must ensure that it is not merely a paper chase but adds real value. I came across young working adults who found that their private degrees did not significantly improve career and job prospects.”

7. Apprenticeships and Internships


“beyond Earn-and-Learn Programs, we must look into incentivising companies to provide more work experience, apprenticeship and internship opportunities, especially amongst the SMEs.”

8. Future-ready Employers

“Employers can help to keep Millennials relevant and help them to grow through market-calibrated and well-defined skills and career ladders.”

9. Progressive Workplace Practices

“employers can better help young workers pursue success in different domains by adopting outcome-based mindsets and allowing for flexible work arrangements. Millennials are accustomed to working everywhere. Trusting them to manage their targets while mentoring them provides for a nurturing work environment.”

10. Young Workers and Families


“Government can consider affording our mothers legislated right to request for eight weeks of Flexible Work Arrangement. In this “16+8” model, a female employee who has just given birth, has 16 weeks of maternity leave and 8 more weeks of Flexi-Work Arrangement which may include telecommuting, and staggered work.”


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