A Mother’s Appeal for the Cyclist who Knocked Down Her Son to Come Forward

Here’s another Facebook post that has gone viral over the weekend. In fact, this one has seen over 8,000 shares as I’m writing this, more than ex-teacher’s tongue-in-cheek Facebook post on parking.

This is a mother sharing what happened to her son. He was knocked down by a speeding cyclist who was not able to stop in time despite the father giving him warning. The cyclist knocked into the boy and it looked real bad.





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Dear all, please take serious note of this tragic incident. I am now typing this with a heavy heart and trembling fingers.

On 10/01/2016 (Sunday), at around 11.15am at the Serangoon Park Connector near the fitness corner towards Punggol (after Hougang Capeview), my 3-year old boy was knocked down by an extremely fast-riding cyclist (Chinese, standing at about 1.65m, in perhaps his forties, wearing full cyclist attire, and said he stays in Pasir Ris) riding a road bike who could not brake in time, despite my husband shouting for precaution when he was already a distance away and knocked into my son (who was about 2 arms’ length in front of my hubby, and was walking over to the fitness corner).

The cyclist said that he could not stop, because his feet were clipped on (despite hearing my husband’s shouting from afar). We do not know how that works but if so, then why was he even riding at such lightning speed where other people are? Why was he jeopardizing others’ safety, for the sake of his own leisure?

At the point of time, the cyclist dismounted and apologized to my husband, who was the only one with my son. But my husband was in a shocked state of mind, did not have anything with him at all, and didn’t know what to do or reply. My husband’s mind was only filled with our son’s injuries, and hence asked the cyclist if he has cash to spare since he had nothing with him.

The cyclist then reluctantly offered my husband a mere $10 note, expecting us to bring our son to receive medical care. Then, he offered $20 more after some hesitation. Eventually, he left without leaving a number or anything.

Please help me to share, in order to find this cyclist. It is my son today, and can be anyone tomorrow. (There are many others who saw, and went forward to help my husband. If you are one of them, then please step up to help us by providing more details of the cyclist. If you are the cyclist, PLEASE. Have a heart and own up. We just want a peaceful closure.)

My heart has been shattered into a million pieces, and an ambulance has come to fetch my son. He is in a state of shock, his mouth is currently severely swollen with torn lips, cuts and ulcers in his mouth, cut on his chin, tooth got knocked off upon impact with other shaky teeth present, saliva and blood dripping constantly uncontrollably, forehead and knee cap suffering from abrasions.

Please, share this post and help me. Thank you all.

*Update at 7pm*
My boy is finally home from KK Hospital, but is unable to sleep or talk properly due to the pain, swellings, saliva/blood flowing out uncontrollably, and stitches. He is unable to eat or even chew, and is having difficulties consuming liquids through a straw. An x-ray has been done, with no bone damage found. Doctors have advised to monitor and return to the hospital for any issues, and for further follow-ups, as well as stitch removals. He also has not seen a dentist due to a tooth being knocked off upon impact and other shaky teeth, as that will have to wait till Tuesday.

*Update at 11pm*
We sincerely wish to thank the Singapore Police Force (AMK & HG divisions), Lianhe Wanbao, and Victor Lye for volunteering their help and to drop by in order to understand more regarding this incident. Also wish to thank our families and friends, who were there for us and helped us through this difficult period.

Unfortunately, the National Parks Board has mentioned that there are no CCTVs in that area. Please also take note that the main purpose of this post is to serve as a painful reminder to everyone- Cyclists or not. It is not to defame the cyclist. People have to know that it is never okay to risk others’ safety at any point of time. Thank you.[/nbox]


I hope that the boy will recover from his physical injuries and shock soon. I can imagine the scare the episode must have given to the boy and his parents. Hopefully the cyclist will see this post and understand the extent of what he has caused and come forward.

As I was reading this, I was reminded of something a friend (who drives) said once. He said although not all cyclists are like this, but MANY cyclists don’t ride safely enough for their own safety and other road-users. He said many of them expect drivers to treat them like pedestrians and give way to them when they’re cycling on the road. And yet, when they’re cycling on footway, they behave like they’re big cars and bully the pedestrians.

Now before you go throw bricks and bats at me, again, I stress that not all cyclists are like that. But there is no doubt that there are more than just a handful of inconsiderate cyclists around. They ride at lightning speed on footway, without any regard for the slower folks like elderly uncles and aunties. Many also do not dismount from their bikes and just speed across pedestrian crossings. Sometimes they would cycle so quickly from behind that they’d startle the pedestrians walking ahead.

So what if they ring their bells as they are approaching the pedestrians on the footway and pavements? If they do not slow down and just ring the bell as they continue to charge at a high speed, then it is just as dangerous. The older folks react a lot more slowly and they could be hit. The younger people could be plugged into their phones listening to music and not hear the bells too.

I’ve seen enough near-accidents that if I have a carton of milk for each time it happens, I’d be smelling like how Cleopatra did in her days.

The footway and pavements are shared space, and we all have to learn to use the space in a safe and considerate manner. In fact, I am all for town councils carving out bicycle routes so that we can co-exist happily. Until that happens, if I have my way, I would like all the cyclists to either dismount when they’re on busy footways or ride really really slowly.

If the government really wants to encourage more to cycle, we need, first, to establish some rules of the game.

And as a gentle reminder, I hope all cyclists remember the ruling and lesson in this accident,

“Notwithstanding the twists and turns of this case, the signal to cyclists was clear: Those who ride on pavements meant for pedestrians and end up hurting others can end up in jail.”



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