Confessions from Chan Chun Sing: We don’t actually care about the PAP

Chan Chun Sing

Addressing an audience of around 800 people, Mr Chan spoke frankly:

“Our concern is not whether the People’s Action Party will last forever; our concern is whether Singapore will last forever” said the labour chief.

He said that policies must lead to outcomes that better the lives of Singaporeans and their future generations, while processes should engage the collective wisdom, power and energies of the people for collective action.
Mr Chan also noted that policies had to adjust, and political parties had to evolve.

Singapore had to continue to practice good governance as its citizens become more socially diverse, educated and politically savvy. “ order to make sure the higher goal of sustaining the country is achieved…” he pointed out that there is a need to contribute to the nation instead of pulling us apart through partisan politics.

“A good system of governance is one that continuously brings forth even better people for the future – those with the right values and abilities, and who work for the country rather than themselves, he said.


Whoever can better align to the people’s objectives, act decisively and swiftly, manage consequences and adjust resolutely is the better model of governance, the labour chief added.

A good government is one that can help Singaporeans better their lives and livelihoods and achieve a better future for Singapore.

And that’s the point of it all isn’t it? Whilst many countries take part in politics for politics sakes, we should be turning our guns towards collective action, responsibility and leadership.

Mr Chan made these comments at Singapore Perspectives 2016, an annual conference organised by the Institute of Policy Studies.

Themed “We” – after the first word in the National Pledge – this year’s edition of the conference sought to gather views on rethinking what it means to be Singaporean, as the Republic strives towards SG100.



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