Heng Chee How: Don’t hire old workers if you’re not ready…

Really, just like how some people do not believe that old wine is better tasting than new wine, some people are just not ready to hire mature workers because they don’t see the benefits of hiring one.


The often mistaken fact is that mature or older employees are not able to keep up with the pace at which corporate landscapes change, as well as the technological change, which results in the drop in work productivity.


While this might be true for some, there are other mature employees who do just as well as younger employees who keep up with the pace of change at work.

But more than that, mature employees have other work qualities and attributes that younger workers do not have.

Here are 5 attributes that you must not overlook in mature employees:

1. Leadership and Mentorship skills

This takes years to develop. It may seem simple and easy and you might think that it can be acquired through a course. Yes it can be acquired through a course, but putting it into practice with finesse requires a whole lot of experience and years on the job.


Also, the mature employees that are on the shop-floor or on site are really the go to man to solve much of our problems. They make great ambassadors and have the right empathy and discipline.

2. Focused on the task

They know exactly what they want and set out to getting it done.

Whilst being focused on the job, they also take pride in a job well done, which of course results in cost savings significantly.

3. Loyalty

Mature workers are typically more interested in job stability and not interested in searching for the next opportunity, unlike younger workers.

They’re flexible as well: meaning they don’t need to keep to the 9 to 5 hours. They’re more willing to stay later to complete a task .

4. Experience

Mature workers require minimum training and maintenance.

Their years of experience also mean that they have a good network. They have been in the workforce much longer and they’ve had more time to meet workers, bosses and create networks along the way.

5. Lower labour cost

Most mature workers have their own retirement savings or plan, hence some are working just to enrich their life or have an additional source of income.

And because they’re loyal , less staff turnover also means less cost .

old workers

To Singapore’s economy, hiring mature employees during their retirement age also means that it helps to augment the labour market.


NTUC Deputy secretary general Heng Chee How who has been championing for the hiring of mature workers said that investing in training and updating mature workers, so as to create “ageless jobs and evergreen workers”, is the surest way to make best use of the nation’s total potential.

During the National Day Rally last year (2015), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced that the current Re-employment age of 65 will be upped to 67 by 2017.



In response, Heng said in his Facebook post that the focus will now be for companies to get ready for the enhancement.



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