Someone Just Invented The Father Of All Contraceptives

Now you can turn off your sperm ducts.


In a recent article, one of my favourite science trivia sources just published something so groundbreaking I don’t know how many decades it’ll take MOE to include into their sexual education curriculum.

By the way, menstrual silicone cups have been around for decades yet this crucial bit of information, which could possibly transform a lady’s life once she hits puberty, cannot be found anywhere in MOE’s primary or secondary school curriculum (please let me know if you see it).

Back to this novel way of literally switching off your bionic balls, the government of Singapore may even ban it lest it kills off whatever is remaining of our dismal citizen birth rate.

According to ifls, “A German carpenter has spent the past 20 years developing an idea for a male contraceptive consisting of a switch that sits inside the testicles, in order to control the flow of sperm through the urethra. Having already attained a patent for the product and created a working prototype, inventor Clemens Bimek is now awaiting the start of an upcoming clinical trial on his product.

Made from PEEK-OPTIMA – a polymer that is regularly used to manufacture implants – the so-called Bimek SLV is surgically inserted into the spermatic ducts during a half-hour operation. Once implanted, the switch can be felt through the skin of the scrotum and physically flipped in order to open or close the flow of sperm.

The device is inserted into the vas deferens as a blockade of sorts. When the switch is in the open position, sperm is able to pass through the vas deferens – the duct that conveys sperm from the testicle to the urethra – before exiting the penis via the urethra. However, when the switch is flicked to the closed position, sperm is blocked from passing through, therefore eliminating the possibility of pregnancy arising from sexual intercourse.”

Watch the video here.

This post was first published on Jules of Singapore.

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