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Today (15 January 2016) marks the opening of Singapore’s 13th Parliament.

In a recent post, one of our writers talked about the role of a Member of Parliament (MP) in being your voice in Parliament.

So with 92 MPs in the house this term, you can as always expect differing opinions and issues that will be brought up.

So, besides municipal (relating to a particular town or constituency) issues, what kinds of issues or topics will the MPs raise?

But before I go on, it might be good for you to know that the MPs won’t start speaking in Parliament yet.

Only President Tony Tan will deliver the President’s address to kick off Parliament proceedings. But before that the election of the Speaker of Parliament and the Oath of Allegiance by the 92 MPs will take place.

Afterwhich, the 92 MPs will begin their debate on the President’s Address between 25 to 29 January.

Who’s gonna say what?

Mr David Ong, MP for Bukit Batok GRC


“Two issues close to my heart are senior workers and the elderly. I will continue to speak out for them in Parliament in the new term…In addition, in this new term, I want to speak about an emerging group, the mentally ill.”

Ms Tin Pei Ling, MP for MacPherson SMC


“In this new Parliament, I hope to continue my focus on caring and enabling our elderly at work, at home and in the community… I will also want to focus on how we can better support young families in raising their young…”

Mr Seah Kian Peng, MP for Marine Parade GRC

Seah Kian Peng

The veteran MP, who is also the CEO for NTUC FairPrice will touch on family ties, marriage and fertility rates. He also plans to provide more support to people with disabilities, special needs and their caregivers.

Mr Louis Ng, MP for Nee Soon GRC


First-time MP Louis Ng has said that parenthood, total fertility rate and lower-income families will be the causes that he will advocate for in the coming term of Parliament. Of course, his pet topic of animal welfare and environmental issues will not be forgotten.

Mr Leon Perera, Non-Constituency Member of Parliament


“While none of the WP MPs will necessarily limit himself or herself to one particular area, particularly given how many issues cut across Ministry lines, I hope to contribute more on economic, social and political issues.”

MPs from the Labour Movement

LMPs (1)

(1st row from left: Mr Chan Chun Sing, Mr Heng Chee How, Mr Patrick Tay, Mr Ang Hin Kee.
2nd row from left: Mr Zainal Sapari, Mr Melvin Yong, Mr Desmond Choo.)

These group of MPs represent the National Trades Union Congress, otherwise known as the Labour Movement. Their cause: workers of all collars and ages.

They will be the voice of workers on issues such as: workplace rights, skills, income and wage progression as well as jobs.

Ms Denise Phua, MP for Jalan Besar GRC


Ms Denise Phua will be the voice for children from disadvantaged backgrounds such as those from lower-income households or those with special needs. She also hopes to address the “over-emphasis in academic scores”.

So there you have it! Some of the topics and issues which some of the 92 MPs will champion for.

Look out for the interesting term of Parliament which starts today!

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