Why we need responsible posting on Social Media…


The Facebook post above is one good example of how we need to be responsible and get our facts checked and verified before posting anything on social media platforms.


The food centre which he mentioned in his post was actually the Ci Yuan Community Club Hawker Centre run by Fei Siong Food Management.


But in his post, he mistakenly referred to it as the recently opened Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre run by  NTUC FoodFare.

He must have gotten it all wrong, because an affected female stall owner whom he quoted was actually from the Ci Yuan Community Club Hawker Centre.

She was quoted by ChannelNewsAsia in an article which was published in Jul 2015.

The only thing which was almost true and correct about the post was that stalls at Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre were required to have certain price caps.


NTUC Foodfare had said in a response to ChannelNewsAsia that the rationale for the price caps was because it “wants a public hawker centre to have affordable food for everyone”.

From another article on Mothership.sg, NTUC Foodfare also reiterated its aim to bring affordable food to residents.

“We had moved away from tendered rent being the only criteria, with an aim to provide a more robust selection of stalls that can contribute to the variety, vibrancy and affordable offerings of good food that we aim to bring to residents, based on our last survey conducted in 2012 of residents’ expectations and demands.”

Yes, life as a hawker is no bed of roses as Andrew Loh rightly puts, but honestly which job is?

At least with a foodcourt/hawker centre which aims to provide affordable dining options, life can be that sweeter because we can get makan that is decent and affordable.



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