Time to bust out your piggy bank

Start digging through your coin bank, you might find a gem.

Ever since we posted an image of a $100 dollar 10th anniversary coin over the CNY weekend, we’ve got a little more curious and wanted to find other coins with such esteemed value.

100dollars 100dollars2

And found them we have. These coins/notes were issued during occasions and have now had their value increased quite spectacularly. There’s even a coin all of us had plenty of at one point in our lives.

We start first with this Gold $100 Lion coin. We’re not too sure what the coin commemorates but according to the fact file that a potential buyer posted on the Singapore Mint and a little internet sleuthing, the coin was issued throughout the 1990s. And it comes in a variety of denominations.



Next on the list are a lunar series set of coins. These coins are fairly popular and known. They’re usually produced yearly based on the corresponding animal from the Chinese zodiac. This series are the first though according to the buyer and comes with all 12 zodiac animals in a silver coin format from the 1980s. And he’s looking to buy all of them for $550. Not too bad for coins with a value of $10.


The only note to feature on this list. Is a common one we’ve all seen and possibly have had before. The $5 note from the orchid series. How much would someone potentially pay for them? Upwards of $2000.


Now this coin is even more common, we’ve all used them. We don’t find them often enough anymore. In fact I haven’t come across one of these for years. But the fact that they were so common not too long ago and are now worth $10 a piece is absolutely mind blowing. That’s $50 for 5 of these coins.


Now this is the coin of all coins, the coin I would love to have in my collection if I collected coins. Perhaps I could start my coin collection with this and build a collection around it.

This coin commemorated the 150th anniversary of Singapore’s founding. Yes founding, not independence. From the the time Raffles first set foot on our shores. 1819-1969.

And it looks mighty impressive too.

coin8 coin9

You’re probably going to go through your piggy bank and coin stash to see if you accidentally picked any of these up eh. Good luck.


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