Man in open relationship asks wife for help on Tinder

Eddy Azzar’s name might not ring a bell, but he recently made headlines in the Dailymail.

His claim to fame; Tinder. The social dating app that has benefitted as well as equally crushed the hopes of many. Eddy Azzar is from Singapore, and he’s married to an Asha Jacob.

He’s married? Why is he still using Tinder?


While this may seem like a shocker to many of us, Eddy and his wife are in an open marriage. An open marriage/relationship is simply put; being attached but available. Which leads to more questions like “why get married in the first place?” While I won’t be answering that question, let’s explore Eddy’s journey on Tinder.

Eddy joined Tinder, we’re guessing his wife did too. And the both of them have been looking for a little excitement on the side. However Eddy hadn’t been having the best of luck when it comes to finding a date.

His wife on the other hand must have been doing very well. As of course  women would have the upper hand when it comes to Tinder. Eddy in his despair turned to his wife for help on Tinder. A move most men would rather not take.

His request yielded great results. His wife reworked his entire profile and within half an hour, Eddy had 2 matches. Pretty incredible and instantaneous results.


He said: ‘My wife is one of the best pickup artists I know – or at least she is when she’s wearing my face.

‘Then, one afternoon while I was wallowing deep in the pit of despair, knowing that the dating game is simply an unfair hell for men…. My wife grabbed my phone and set up two dates for me. In half an hour. 

In 2 weeks, Eddy had turned his plight around and had achieved close to a 100 matches. Pretty incredible for a guy who was dragging his feet at 0 till his wife stepped in.


Eddy, not being one to rest on his laurels decided to “growth hack” Tinder and publish his results on his own blog. (Growth hacking is a marketing technique which uses creativity, analytical thinking, and social to gain exposure.)

Eddy later explains that what was originally intended as a way of finding a bit of fun online has since transformed into a social experiment that he says he will continue in order to benefit other Tinder users.

He writes: ‘Over the next 12 months or so, I am going to completely growth hack Tinder. From profile pictures and descriptions to different countries to men vs. women.’ 

While it’s unsure why they got married in the first place, I’m not one to question the concept of the mysteries of love.


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