Squashing Local Talent

Local band told that they won’t be winning anything after they won a competition.

I recently wrote an article titled Re-moving the arts, and it was a quiet piece about the lack of support for local acts in Singapore. And that although the arts and music scene does have a vibrant community that fights hard for recognition and a place in society it is only through proper funding and support that we’d be able to showcase our talents to the world.

So when news broke recently that a local band slated to open for international act Funeral For a Friend was told they would not be performing as the opening act anymore due to unforeseen circumstances, many in the community cried foul.

Screenshot 2016-02-18 16.29.06

LAMC productions had organised a competition for local acts, and the winning band would earn the opportunity to put it’s name out there and open the act for Funeral For a Friend. Tacit Aria the winning band was undoubtedly proud to have won and were pretty enthusiastic about it.


Their joy was short-lived, citing evidence from Facebook, that joy lasted all of 1 day.

Screenshot 2016-02-18 16.25.26

It definitely isn’t an end to the arts and music scene in Singapore, however it should be an eye opener to the plight of what local talent put themselves through.


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