5 excuses to celebrate V’day on a budget

Now that Chinese New Year is out of the way, another big day is coming up.

And it’s happening in a few days’ time.


Valentine’s Day is this Sunday (14 February).

If you are on a tight budget this year, and you don’t intend to splurge on your partner, then here are the Top 5 lame excuses you can give for going budget this year.

1. Economic slowdown

What you say: Dear ar, this year, PM Lee say hang cheng (economy) not good.  I think we don’t spend so much. Must save for ___________ (whatever big thing you need to save for). So we eat at the KFC opposite ok?

2. Lesser Ang Bao Collection for CNY

Ang bao

What you say: Darling! This year Aunty Rosie never give me a lot for Ang Bao leh! NTUC say more people getting retrenched at work, and Aunty Rosie is one of them, so didn’t give the cousins a lot for Ang Bao. You think we can just eat at the coffeeshop downstairs?

3. Prepare for Skills Upgrading


What you say: Baby, economic slowdown now leh! I think we should save money and go for training instead. NTUC Chief Chan Chun Sing also say must strengthen our skills leh! Got $500 SkillsFuture credit, but still must top up with own cash for the remaining amount leh. Think we better start upgrading otherwise no money, then next time how to go for V’day dinner at Morton’s?

4. Restaurant is closed


What you say: Babe, I called Shashlik, the restaurant at Far East Shopping Centre that I wanted to bring you leh. But I found out that they are gone for good. Now no more Russian food prepared by old Hainanese chefs liao. How ar? You think we can go to the coffeeshop near the bus interchange for Zi Char instead?

5. Fengshui Master says must be careful with money


What you say: Darling, Master Qian says this year of the Fire Monkey is not very good for me leh. He says I must be careful with money this year, otherwise my money kena burn up. So hor, I think this year V’day we must go budget. Maybe we should eat at Burger King at Cineleisure Orchard hor?

Valentines Day

So if you really need to go budget this year, go ahead and use one of these excuses.

Disclaimer: Using any one of the excuses might lead to unexpected outcomes. We are not liable for any loss or damage to relationships as a result of the excuses.

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