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News of pop queen, Madonna’s concert on Feb 28 has caused “a stir” among Catholic and Christian communities in Singapore.

“Many have expressed their concern and even outrage at the performer’s disrespectful use of Catholic and other Christian symbols during her performances…  blasphemous music and even props,” the Archdiocesan Communications Office said.

Although organisers have clarified that for her show in Singapore, Madonna will not include a controversial segment of her Rebel Heart Tour called Holy Water, featuring pole-dancing nuns and large crosses…

The Archdiocese added that Archbishop Goh has made the Catholic Church’s “grave concerns” known…

“In multi-racial, multi-religious Singapore, we cannot afford to be overly permissive in favour of artistic expression at the expense of respect for one’s religion, especially in these times of heightened religious sensitivities, particularly among active practitioners of religions”… it is the “moral obligation” of Catholics to not support those who “insult religions”, as well as anti-Christian and immoral values promoted by the secular world. “There is no neutrality in faith; one is either for or against. Being present (at these events) in itself is a counter witness. Obedience to God and His commandments must come before the arts…

As the people of God, we should…”

Read his Full Statement HERE.

We have sent @Madonna a tweet and would probably pee in our pants if she actually replies to this. Meanwhile, we can already imagine 2 camps forming. So we scoured the internet to bring you some of the best we have read, both for and against the motion.

The BOTH “For” & “Against” Camp:

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MP Alex Yam FB Page

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Why do we lump them altogether you ask? To remind everyone to CALM the f DOWN, and remember that we are all one camp. Peace, #CampHumanity. Peace.

Attend the concert, don’t attend the concert, whatevs. but please, if you do, here’s our friendly Public Service Announcement:

  • do NOT bother to use your mobile phone to record e concert
    • It’s mildly illegal (and will surely be of low quality)
    • It irritates the people physically around you
    • Oh, and no one, NO ONE gives a f of your recorded moment on social media.



  1. I’m a Catholic and a M fan for more than 3 decades. Archbishop Goh had to say something since Queen M had been ex-communicated by the Vatican over the decades. But times had changed. Perhaps the Catholic Church in Sg may learn how Pope Francis reacted recently when both Icons face-off in New York & Philadelphia last Sept/Oct: Just remain cool, joke a little about it , don’t judge and impose others. Peace.

  2. /// as well as anti-Christian and immoral values promoted by the secular world. ///

    Who says the secular world promotes anti-Christian and immoral values? This is the most hateful and bigoted statement.

    Take a look at the values promoted by the Old Testament – the treatment of women as chattels, as second class. The incitements to murder – Genesis 6:7, Genesis 7:4, Genesis 7:21-23, Genesis 12:17, etc., Exodus 3:20, 4:23, etc., and all the cruelty and violence in Leviticus.

    So, these are all the wonderful values promoted by Christians? What about the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades, and more recently the paedophiles in the Catholic churches?

    Now, for a sense of the values inculcated by religions, go the the link below and see the portion from 1:56:20 onwards.

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