SINGAPORE: Fresh Witnesses Come Forward for Norwegian PR

From The Straits Times :

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SINGAPORE – A Norwegian man who hurt a taxi driver by wrapping his arm around the latter’s neck, and later served slightly more than half of his 10-week jail term, was on Tuesday (Feb 16) fined $2,000 after a retrial.

The case of Arne Corneliussen, 51, was sent for a retrial after two eyewitnesses came forward to provide fresh evidence that cabbie Chan Chuan Heng, 47, had attacked him first…

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Like whoa! We remember this guy! Oops! Don’t believe netizens were too kind with their comments when he was penalized!

Well, this netizen thinks:

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(we blanked out the name because he set his settings to “friends only” and we respect that.)

Just wish to say good job on the eyewitnesses to come forward and provide fresh evidence. Good job also, to the authorities for reporting this, and showcasing that we have a system in place to review cases and retract punishments… But poor Mr. Arne Corneliussen, who “served more than half of his 10 week jail term?! and still kenna fined?! Serious injustice, (as TNP puts it) no? (I think the judicial system owes him 5 weeks+ of free beer as apology, but that’s just me)

Anyways, what do you think? As a people, are we as fast to apologise than we are to cast judgement?

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