Russian SMU Student’s Failed Espionage

George Kotsaga takes pulling out of an exam to new heights.

According to Hossan Leong in Singtel’s new advertisement for Netflix, sometimes we sabotage our classmates so that we’ll do better than them. This foreign student from SMU probably soaked in our culture and took it a notch further.

Georgy Kotsaga, 32, was certain that he was going to flunk his exams and took matter into his own hands. No, he did not accept his fate and blamed himself for his lack of preparation leading up to the exams. No, he didn’t decide to take it on the chin and buck up for future examinations. Instead he deleted his an 18 other students’ examination scripts in order for him to retake his paper.


And for his trouble, the Russian will be facing a 2 month sentence in the slammer.

The offences came to light when a student e-mailed the university to say that the system showed that she had not completed the examination.

Checks found that there were no scripts whereas the database history showed 19 scripts. Investigation showed that the account “hwtang”, belonging to Professor Tang Hang Wu, had deleted the 19 scripts on Nov 24.

The device used to delete them was traced to Kotsaga’s account. The “hwtang” account was also used to access the account of another law professor, Professor Zhang Wei.


Georgy could have been inspired by tales of Russian espionage and perhaps thought that he too could evade capture with cunning and guile of his own. He purchased a USB hardware key logger from Sim Lim, stuck it in his professor’s desktop and accessed user ids and passwords.


Whilst taking his exams, he figured he wasn’t going to be able to answer the questions. He took a quick restroom break, accessed the accounts of other students hoping to learn a thing or two from the other students. However upon finding out how badly he was going to do, he decided he’d just delete it all.

It looks like Georgy will have quite some time to pick up the slack on his revision and mugging whilst in Jail.

Food for thought, while some are in jail for mugging (robbery), Georgy is in there for his lack of mugging (Studying).

  1. In this case “food for thought” is your wild legislation. It’s impossible to imagine that in any civilized country a person, particularly a foureigner who is studying and investing in your economics can be put into slammer for such deeds, even if it’s true, though the story sounds incredible.

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