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They call us the “FINE” City, right? Wrong.

This piece of news, first seen here just made us chuckle.  Well, it made us take a second look first, then chuckle. We had to do a double-take, because when we saw the headline:

Vienna police fine man €70 for ‘loud belch’

We thought, O-em-gee, did Singapore make the world news again? 


23 Feb 2016 – A Mr. Edin Mehic has been fined €70 (SGD108 “一定发!”) for belching (aka BURPING)

The setting is Beautiful Vienna, Austria.

Vienna is, after all, named Top City: For Quality of Life

Writing on Facebook, Mehic said he burped after eating a kebab with too much onion. (funny, mine never has enough onions!) Moments later, he wrote, “I felt a hand on my shoulder”. “But what had I done?… I was being reported for a ‘decency violation’, the policeman shouted. “I had a long discussion with him about why he wasn’t picking up real criminals who were obviously consuming and selling completely legal drugs. (erm, don’t you mean ILLEGAL?!) That didn’t get us very far.”

Mehic posted a photograph of the fine on his Facebook page, which says that he violated “public decency with a loud belch next to a police officer.”

Mehic plans to appeal the fine.

Though it was emitted earlier this month, the belch continues to resonate.

By Monday, 118 people said they would attend a “loud belch” flash mob planned for next Saturday near the scene of the crime.

The article also adds: “Visitors to Vienna might want to go easy on the beer and sausages…!” 

Ha! Consider yourselves warned, fellow world-travelers!

Read The Full Story HERE.

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