The union’s nominated MP for Parliament 2016

This letter was submitted by Wong H.E, 35, nurse.

The unions have put up their candidate for Parliament’s 2016 batch of Nominated Member of Parliaments.

The NMP scheme was introduced in 1990 to bring into Parliament diverse voices from civil society. The President may appoint up to nine NMPs nominated by the Committee. An NMP serves a fixed term of two and a half years.

Unionist K Thanaletchimi, 50, is an Elected Member of the NTUC Central Committee and President of the Healthcare Services Employees’ Union (HSEU).’

I’ve worked with her on a few occasions and I thought I’d drop a few words in support of her.

“Sister Thana” as she is known within the trade union circles, is a name that is no stranger. I’ve worked with her on various occasions and have found her to be a person who understands her work and understands the needs of the labour movement.

NTUC President lauded Sister Thana as “…a selfless leader who always puts the interests of others above her own… passionate and dedicated in resolving issues concerning workers”, I couldn’t agree further.

Working with her on projects was unnerving…but I say this is a good way! She knows the details, she knows risks and she knows people, places and KPIs before even asked!

She was the driving force behind the merger of the National University Hospital Employees’ Union (NUHEU) and the Healthcare Corporation of Singapore Staff Union (HCSSU). This led to the formation of the HSEU in 2006. This, in itself was a piece of history.

Establishing yourself as an influential unionist is not an easy task. She has achieved this through time and great effort: building good rapport and working relationships with the tripartite partners through her various representations on national-level committees.

She told the newspapers that “Should I be appointed as an NMP, I will continue to advance the interests of all working people on issues that matter most to them, such as jobs and cost of living, with a special interest and emphasis on women and improving healthcare affordability.

“I am motivated to push for these changes and improvements that will result in better skills, better jobs and better wages that would ultimately result in better lives for working people of all collars, all ages and all nationalities”, said Sister Thana.

I think Parliament would be ever the richer with her contributions.



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