PM Lee urges Singaporeans to be like monkeys, to stay at least one jump ahead of others

Today most people will return to their normal daily lives after the Chinese Lunar New Year. And yes, it’s back to work, back to reality.

dragging feet

And the reality is that the global economic outlook is uncertain. If you got a slightly lesser amount of Ang Bao collection, it’s probably because your relatives are probably starting to feel the pinch.



In his Chinese New Year message on his Facebook page, PM Lee had these few points to make:

1. He knows the outlook is uncertain

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

“Yet, I know that the economic outlook is filled with uncertainty. The world economy is slowing, and even China’s economy is softening.”

2. The government is watching



“The Government is watching the situation closely. We do not expect a severe downturn, like the Global Financial Crisis in 2008. 

3. The government will support

ways to win and keep government contracts

“The Government will continue to support businesses and workers as we restructure and upgrade.”

4. Singaporeans should be like monkeys seize opportunities


We should take these ups and downs in our stride. We still enjoy full employment, and there are still opportunities to be seized, in Singapore and in the region. I hope you will continue to go for them, to be 机智灵巧 , just as the monkey leaps onto higher branches to pick peaches, and through his wit and agility takes care of himself, and stays at least one jump ahead of others.”

In his visit to workers at Changi Airport together with union leaders on the first day of the Lunar New Year, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong reiterated his point:  Singapore’s focus must remain on the longer-term as it rides the ups and downs in the short-term.

He says if the economy does slow down, it will be an opportunity for Singaporeans to focus on skills upgrading and give productivity and training a bigger push.


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