Seaside Driving Range

Imagine having your own personal driving range facing the sea.

That’s what a group of young golfers along with their trainer decided to turn a local park into. A financial consultant, Mr Low was on a walk when he noticed the group of golfers taking turns driving their balls into the sea.


He whipped out his phone like most people usually do these days and documented the event. Unfazed, the group continued with their driving session, hitting approximately 200 balls into the sea.

There’s a time and place for everything, and the park isn’t exactly an ideal place for anyone to be driving golf balls. Sure they could argue that it’s of no risk to passers by as the balls are directed towards the sea. Bad wind conditions however might cause complications and turn the balls in a different direction. Most importantly they’re littering.

What difference is this from throwing cigarette buds into the sea, or plastic bottles for that matter.

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