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You Cycle Well? Then SCF is looking for you!

The Singapore Cycling Federation (SCF) is on its lookout for a new national road cycling squad.

And ALL are invited.


Seriously, “You don’t even have to own a bike”, says SCF sport and technical manager Samuel Yang

Come next month, selection trials will be held in two key phases, starting with a 3-month application period, selection, and boot-camp

As reported in TNP: Athletes will have their three-principle energy systems – neuromuscular, aerobic and anaerobic – tested, then profiled and given ratings based on power, the key standard measurement that the sport utilises.

“We want to revamp our national squad, while also building a bigger pool of cyclists and, hopefully through this, find more Vincent Angs and Dinah Chans as well as the people in the team to support those guys to a medal… It’s going to be very inclusive, and anyone aged 17 and above, is a Singaporean or a Permanent Resident looking to gain citizenship can try out, and they don’t even need to own a bike.” – SCF sport and technical manager Samuel Yang.

The SCF is hoping to put together a team of some 30 riders.

Read Full Article HERE.

What we are really hoping for, is someone like THIS to come for the auditions. Seriously, WATCH it, it’s amazing.

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AMAZING freestyle cycling



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