Singaporean Graffiti Artist does London!

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Leaving his mark on the world map, literally, is Singaporean Graffiti Fine Artist, Ceno2

Just wow. Ceno2, awesome sauce!

LondonCallingBlog says: “Over the last week London has been host to Singaporean Graffiti Fine Artist Ceno2 who has laid out some fabulous portraits in South London’s premier Graffiti locations, namely the Stockwell Hall of Fame and Leake Street… Painting alongside resident and visiting Graffiti artists, Ceno2 left a series of slightly surreal and very realistic portraits. Our favourite work… “

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“Our favourite work from Ceno2’s visit is the Leake Street work of the character sucking on a lollipop with his pinkie finger raised, a true satirical nod to his visit to England.” – London Calling Blog

WHO IS Ceno2?

Ceno2 is a graffiti artist from Singapore!

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Amidst the concrete jungle of a global financial hub, Ceno2 has been able to hone his talent of the arts and apply it to the unique form of graffiti. The story begins with a young boy, born with talent and his insatiable desire to draw…

Ceno2’s desire is to share his art with people, to uplift communities and to have his art allow someone to feel better about their day…

Ceno2 has collaborated with schools to teach children to experiment with Graffiti and to cultivate the next generation of Graffiti artists in Singapore.

Read his full bio HERE.

Starting to find his work familiar? Yeah. Here are a few of the local projects Ceno2 has completed:

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  • Sungei Ulu Pandan Canal, organized by PUB, and supported by TEAM Singapore and Singapore Street Festivals
  • Singapore Changi Airport, CAAS
  • Singapore Science Centre
  • Club Kyo – Singapore 2013
  • The Vault – Singapore 2013
  • Scoot Airlines – Singapore Air Show 2014

View Full List HERE.

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