Starring Incidents Are Still a Thing

A man has been stabbed to death over a starring incident in Hougang.

Bloodstains littered the grounds and police were still at the scene when residents were making going about their daily affairs at 6am this morning.


“Ah Meng” as he was known by his friends and colleagues was drinking after his shift as an assistant at the fateful coffee shop. “Ah Meng” who’s real name is Khor Tzoong Meng recently started work at the coffee shop in Hougang avenue 3, and was apparently a quiet man who kept to himself most of the time.

The victim, Mr Ang, 37 had caught “Ah Meng’s” eye. The victim was approached by the suspect before leaving the coffeeshop, asking him what he was staring it.

“Ah Meng” then went to a stall in the coffee shop and retrieved what was believed to be a cleaver and followed Mr Ang about 100m away from the coffee shop before hacking and stabbing the man down.


Mr Ang died as a result of the attack.

Residents living around the coffee shop spoke about the fear after this incident as well as commented about how people would drink at the coffee shop till the wee hours of the morning but so far the peace had never been breached.


Staring incidents seemed to be a thing of the 90s, it’s pretty surreal to be hearing about such things outside of secondary schools too.


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