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A Malaysian-born Muslim Mujahidin Zulkiffli, just spoke his mind about Muslim Sensitivity on his Facebook page, and is now going VIRAL

He wrote:

They say Non-Halal burger; we say it’s provoking us.

They say “pork free” restaurant; we say it’s to confuse us.

They say “Only Non-Bumi units left”; we say they are discriminating us.

They say “Selamat berbuka puasa dengan Bak Kut Teh”; we persecute and prosecute them thinking we are the only ones that fast in this whole universe. Those Non-Muslims who fast in solidarity during Ramadhan have every right to break fast with anything they want lah..

We justify stealing from them; because we say they are cheating us.

Everything is a non-Malay conspiracy.

Nothing is what it is anymore.

Because everything has to be about us. Even if it’s not about us, it has to be about us.

Even if it doesn’t have to be about us, we make it about us.

Because we have become the most self-centric people in this country.

I’m waiting when we will start saying: “oh got Bumi discount, they are insulting and looking down on us.”

I’m waiting when we will start saying: “oh got Halal sign, they must think we are idiots not knowing what we can eat what we can’t”.

I’m waiting when we will start saying: “oh I got to Uni because of Bumi quota, I must be so stupid I can’t compete by merits.”

I’m waiting when we will start saying: “I’m a rich motherfucker but I still take Bumi discount because it’s my birth-right and I like to steal from those more deserving than me.”

All because some Chinese guy named Hang Tuah said “takkan Melayu hilang di dunia”. Nak pulak kau dengar cakap Cina Babi tu.

By: Mujahidin Zulkiffli

His Actual Facebook Post:

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