What?!? Majulah is not a Malay word???

Yes, you read it right.

Apparently, ‘Majulah’ is not a Malay word.

At least not a true malay word, but a colloquial expression of ‘Maju’ – which means ‘to progress forward’.

As such, it’s not found in the Malay dictionary.

This was shared in a video by former 987fm deejay, Divian Nair.

In fact, the video is probably trending all over social media now. At the time of publishing, the video has been shared more than 6,800 times.

But that’s not the main message of the video.

Rather, the main message is rather simple.

“There is something that we know is missing.
A core belief.
A belief that unifies what it means to be a Singaporean.”

The video is a first for ‘We are Majulah‘ – a civic initiative led by Nair and his team to construct a proposal for a strong and positive core Singaporean Identity.

And it asks a simple question: would you die for your country?

Indeed, it is a relevant question which we should ask ourselves.

Will I die for my country?


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