Who do we have to blame, if we fall behind others?

Enough of the fear-mongering already.

So many government agencies and analysts have been going on the news to tell us we are facing a looming economic downturn.


Last week, the Ministry for Manpower released figures of employment growth being at its lowest in 12-years, while the NTUC said that retrenchment figures are creeping up.

We’re also seeing big banks and other big companies around the world laying off workers. Of course, Singaporeans haven’t been spared from the retrenchments happening.


Today, the Economic Development Board revealed that Singapore’s investment targets for 2016 will be lowered due to weak global demand.

What this means that the expected number of jobs that these investments will bring in, is likely to drop.

Yes, jobs will most likely be affected this year as a result of the weakening economy.

Singaporeans should just go upgrade their skills through courses and training. After all, those who are eligible would have gotten their SkillsFuture Credits already.

NTUC Assistant Secretary General Cham Hui Fong couldn’t have said it better.

Cham Hui Fong

Speaking at a media session on the 2016 Unionised Sector Outlook, Ms Cham said:

“While unemployment rate remains low, we should continue to speed up the pace of retraining and upgrading to ensure Singaporean workers can take on new and quality jobs that come along.”

The onus of upgrading workers’ skills and training lie on both employers and employees. Both should be co-responsible.

In order for us to secure our jobs and make a living, the only way is to stay relevant in whatever we do. To do this, there’s no other way except to acquire skills or deepen skills.

Apart from SkillsFuture credits, Ms Cham hopes that workers should be proactive and also tap on the NTUC’s individual skills upgrading account for its members called the UTAP.

And she urged workers to be a master of the same job or always look for opportunities to upgrade, whether in the same industry or in other industries.

Perhaps, it is time that we adopt a change in mindset to be responsible for our own upgrading in order to stay employable.

Chan Chun Sing-1

NTUC Secretary General Chan Chun Sing gave a very good quote in his first blogpost:

“No one owes us a living.”

Indeed, no one is responsible for our own growth except ourselves. If we do not make the effort to change our minds about skills upgrading, then who will?

If we fall behind in the economy as a result of the lack of skills, who do we have to blame except ourselves?





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