4 reasons why Desmond Choo is your model family-man

If you scroll through Tampines GRC Member of Parliament Desmond Choo’s Facebook page, you’ll see a number of photos of his constituency’s activities, block visits and union visits.

12801296_10154333960852841_8871076509186995454_n-vert(Photo Credits: Desmond Choo’s FB)

But nestled in between these posts are photos of his 5 month daughter. It’s not difficult to see how he is a devoted father and family man.

12650881_10154261890362841_3700242883285701839_n(Photo Credits: Desmond Choo’s FB)

It becomes even more evident in the work that he does. In a blogpost published yesterday (14 March 2016), Choo spoke about working families and related it to his own experience as a working father.

Here are 4 examples why he is truly a model family-man:

1. Relishes time with his daughter

Scrolling through Facebook, you’ll see a few photos of him spending time with #lilSarah.

12764469_10154319836062841_8045510517484662121_o(Photo Credits: Desmond Choo’s FB)

In a blogpost, Choo shares that he reads to her in the morning.

“I enjoy the mornings when I read to her… We have 20-30 minutes of Papa-Sarah time.”

2. Does the washing at home (plus others…)

Ok, own up guys, how many of us really do the washing at home???

“I try to do my part by cleaning as many bottles (and lots of strange items) as I can.”

We wonder what strange items there is to wash…

3. Concerned for his wife (and more…)

In the same blogpost, Choo mentioned about his wife returning to work after her maternity break.

He shared how she painstakingly wrote out an SOP for their parents to care for #lilSarah. He added that he had wanted to be there for both mother and daughter during vaccinations and check-ups as well.

But more than that, his concern was for working mothers.

“Our mothers need time beyond the 16 weeks to adapt to being working mother. Even more needed when breastfeeding is recommended to be a minimum of 6 months.”

“We need to study how best to incentivise more companies to help our mothers.”


If you recall, during the debate on the President’s opening address earlier this year, Choo suggested putting in place 8 weeks of Flexible Work Arrangements on top of the 16 week Maternity leave to aid them to more successfully transition back to work while still being able to care for their newborn.

4. Concerned about families

“…We need to place families at the core of our policies… we need to have family-centric workplace practices on par, in terms of level of importance, as our other economic policies.”

desmond choo

As a parent himself, he knows the issues fathers and mothers go through raising up their child even as they continue to work.

Being the voice for families in the Labour Movement, Choo will continue to champion for more family work practices.

So it’s only natural that he is a model family man.

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