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On 26 April, in Taipei, Taiwan, a four-year-old girl was decapitated alive, in front of her mother.

The pair were on their way to the subway station when 33-year-old, Wang Jingyu, overwhelmed the mother and decapitated the child.

The tragedy horrified the world.

The mother has written a goodbye post online, dedicated to her “Little Bulb”.

In it is a powerful message of love, this world deserves to read: “请大家帮我,好好抱抱你们身边最爱的人。很用力的、紧紧的、深深的,抱抱他们,告诉他:‘我爱你’” she writes (Please help me everyone, to hold your loved ones beside you properly and tightly. Use all your strength, tightly, deeply, hug them and tell them ‘I love you’.)


Here is the original post, followed by its English translation.

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“当下,血肉模糊,我知道我已经挽回不了。咚…的一声,我知道他解脱了,我跟她说‘宝贝,结束了’ ”




















“At that instance, the gore blinded everything and I knew it was too late to do anything. With a thud, I knew she was liberated and I said to her, ‘Baby, it’s all over’”.

Other than the video and text recordings from the press conference shown to me by family members, I have no energy to digest other news reports. Thank you to all the media professionals who presented the views I expressed in full during the press conference. At the moment, I don’t know why I just can’t cry, until I am done writing this post.

I really miss her.

It wasn’t till I was accompanying my other three kids to sleep in their four-person room that I just broke down all of a sudden. Little Bulb’s older sister started crying at the same moment. We talked for a long time. For the whole night, I felt as if I was in a dream which I wish I can wake up from soon. In the dream, Little Bulb will run up to me to get my affection.

I really miss her.

Those who know me should understand that I always do my best in everything I do; I have a clear conscious; I am rational; I am optimistic; and I am strong. As such, I did fight hard to pull and stop the attacker on my own, I really did my best.

She is already gone, but I really wish I can recall something. Recall love? Recall what to make her life worth it?

I really miss her.

Please help me everyone, to hold your loved ones beside you properly and tightly. Use all your strength, tightly, deeply, hug them and tell them ‘I love you’.

Sometimes, it is really fate.

Saturday morning, our whole family attended Little Bulb’s sister’s school fair. Little Bulb met her ex-childcare teachers and classmates at the fair. On the same day noon, David was going to bring just Little Bulb’s sister to Hualien to pay respect at our ancestor’s grave. The night before, we decided last minute to bring Little Bulb along. Little Bulb got to catch up with many relatives whom we have not met for a long time. That day, we only had three hours in in afternoon and initially wanted to go home to rest, but we visited the coed school instead and Little Bulb and her friends played happily. A lot of other parents helped us took many great photos. That day, Little Bulb met many many people. Maybe this is God arranging for the final goodbye.

I really miss her.

This morning, Little Bulb, who usually wakes up late, woke up really early before her older sister left for school. She even told me happily that she got to bid her sister ‘byebye’. It was one of those rare morning when the two of us had some alone time. I brought her out on her favourite motorbike to get some tasks done outside. When we got home, she held a fruit and sat on the couch by the window.  Looking out of the window, I asked her: “What are you doing?”

“I am eating my fruit while enjoying the scenery! The scenery here is so beautiful. This world is so beautiful!” replied Little Bulb.

Maybe, this was her sharing her last memories of this world.

It is such a pity. We were still discussing what cake to buy and who to invite for our birthdays’ celebration next month. Our birthdays are just three days apart from each other, but we won’t get to celebrate it together anymore.

I really miss her.

Fortunately, I hugged her and told her I love her last night. I massaged her to sleep. Fortunately, we traveled abroad together on New Year’s Eve and we visited Disneyland together. She got to ride on a plane.

Maybe, when God blessed me with my third child, Little Bulb, a fourth, Little Seal came after as an added blessing. Little Seal is so much like Little Bulb. In the days to come, Little Seal will accompany me on behalf of Little Bulb.

I really miss Little Bulb.

In this age of low birth rate, I did not appear on television for giving birth to four children, instead, I appeared on television because I lost one. Isn’t it ironic?

Thank you everyone for your concerns. I know. Thank you everyone for all the resources and help rendered. We need time to settle down. Thank you everyone. Please do not call David and I. We have seen all your messages. We need time. We definitely would not hesitate to reach out if we need assistance because I know if I don’t reach out when I need help now, when else?

Right now, I just hope the autopsy can be done soon. Return me my Little Bulb. Let her body be in one piece. Let me hug her and say to her proper: “I really miss you baby!”


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