Ai Takagi – Pregnancy and Prison

Ai Takagi will most likely give birth in prison.

The title sounds like a drama series, and perhaps in it’s own way it is. The TRS saga has dragged out quite a bit, and just like other sagas that have recently made it’s round on news sites and mainstream media, citizens and netizens are paying close attention to this serial.

Ai Takagi for those that are unfamiliar was an editor with The Real Singapore, a now defunct online magazine. I shall not go into how TRS came to no longer exist, but in essence they self destructed.

Ai Takagi received her sentence for her part in TRS today, she’s looking at 10 months behind bars at least. She’s also pregnant. Once again for those that are unfamiliar, her husband Yang Kai Heng was also an editor for TRS.


Takagi’s lawyer Choo Zheng Xi said the defence has not been “unrealistic”, but is “cognisant of the seriousness of (Takagi’s) actions”. He also urged the court to consider “not what she has done wrong, but what she has the potential to put right”.

Takagi is pregnant and also cares for Yang’s paralysed father, Mr Choo revealed, adding that she is keen to “depart the error of her ways”.

The soon-to-be mother delivered a public apology in court, saying she is sincerely sorry for the harm she caused. “I was not fully aware of the level of sensitivity needed,” she said, adding that she will be “more careful with my conduct”.

Her lawyer revealed to the court that Takagi is currently with child. Childbearing is a joyful and personal choice, but was it too coincidental that Takagi is pregnant now and not while she was awaiting trial for sedition?

Takagi had concocted “scandalous, provocative and racy material” in a bid to increase TRS’ following and garner “enormous” advertising revenue. They had pocketed A$474,594.56 (S$492,500) from December 2013 to April 2015.

For each count of sedition, Takagi faces up to three years’ jail, a fine of S$5,000, or both.

Takagi was facing 4 counts of sedition, thats a maximum of 12 years, a little harsh. But what she received was 10 months despite prosecution pushing for 14 months.

Was her pregnancy taken into account in the plea for leniency?


It’s horrible to assume that Takagi had planned this in a bid for a reduced sentence. It would be wrong to assume that someone would deliberately conceive prior to a hearing just to escape a harsher sentence.

It would also just be morally wrong for anybody to conceive just so she doesn’t suffer a stiffer sentence.

As we are all aware the gestation period is 9 months or less, meaning that Takagi will have to bear the child while she’s in prison. What this means is that she’ll most likely be under “unique” and “special” watch just in case she requires attention.

Childbearing isn’t an easy thing to begin with. All mothers will agree with that. It’s not easy moving around, not easy dealing with morning sickness or having to deal with mood swings and what not. Having to go through this entire ordeal in prison will be tougher perhaps.

Ai Takagi, could have waited till after the trial to start a family, especially with her husband facing similar charges and as stated above, she provides care for her husband’s paralysed father. Who’s care will she then be leaving her infant to?

Starting a family should be a planned affair, especially if you’re aware that you face the possibility of a jail term.

In conclusion, Ai Takagi and her Husband, Yang Kaiheng both knew what awaited them, and while passion can sometimes get the better of us. You would expect adults to have a little better judgement.



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