From ISIS to ISA

ISA apprehends 4 radicalised Singaporeans.

For their part in skirmishes overseas, four Singaporeans were arrested and detained by the ISA. Mohammad Razif Yahya, 27,  Amiruddin Sawir, 53, Mohamed Mohideen Mohamed Jais, 25 and Wang Yuandongyi, 23 were all brought back and detained.

saf uniform

Mohammad Razif and Amiruddin Sawir were both detained for having voluntarily taken up arms and taken part in Yemen’s armed sectarian conflict. Razif had begun studying in a religious institution there in January 2010, and Amiruddin begun his studies there in July 2013.

The two had volunteered for armed sentry duties at the school against possible attacks by Shi’ite Houthi insurgents, who have been fighting the Yemeni government since 2014.

The duo were apparently prepared to kill and die as martyrs for the cause.

As for Mohideen, he had performed armed sentry duties while pursuing religious studies in Yemen, the ministry added. He did not encounter a situation where he had to open fire, he “understood that he had to return fire using the AK-47 assigned to him, with the aim to kill if there was an incursion by the Houthis”.


The last and most unlikely of the quartet arrested was a 23 year old Chinese male who detested ISIS and decided to take up arms against the terror group.

However gallant their ideas and philosophies were, the Singapore government takes a tough stand on locals picking up arms and participating in armed violence.

“The Government takes a stern view against anyone who supports, promotes, undertakes or makes preparations to undertake armed violence, regardless of how they rationalise such violence ideologically, or where the violence takes place,” the ministry said.

Anyone who is aware of a person becoming involved in terrorism-related activities, including planning to travel to conflict zones to take part in an armed conflict, should promptly inform the Internal Security Department on 1800-2626-473 or call the police on 999, it added.


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