Guess who’s back?

Remember our friend who disappeared and then resurfaced in Romania?

Well she’s back, with her mom and her boyfriend in tow. Cheryl Yap made headlines when a missing person’s report was filed after her dad came home to find both his wife and daughter missing.

The mother daughter duo finally made contact and eventually told the world, including her father why and what she was doing in Romania. Cheryl had found love on the internet through a mutual love of manga. Her boyfriend, Mr Dornea an 18 year old Romanian lad.


Mr Dornea in turn has made the trip here along with his mom. The couple was then seen with both their mothers in a local shopping mall. They two have plans to get married, with Mr Dornea stating that they would like to eventually settle down in America.

How’s Cheryl’s father taking it?

He’s happy for his daughter. He was originally worried that his wife and daughter had fallen for a scam. He has had a change of heart since then and only wishes for safety and happiness for his daughter.


There’s hope yet for all you single people, just tell your parents before taking all your money and leaving the country in pursuit of romance.


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