Guest DJ at Zouk upstaged by son of Najib

Zouk decides to please son of Najib than their paying customers and their billed Guest DJ.

Zouk, renowned nightspot and home to partygoers throughout Asia decided to not only piss of their customers but their billed Egyptian guest DJ duo Aly and Fila.


They forced the duo to stop their set to let Najib Razak’s son play in their stead. While I’m not one that frequents the nightclub all that often anymore, that just seems like bad work ethos.

You’ve paid good money to bring the act halfway across the world so that your paying customers (exorbitant prices I might add) and billed the night as an esteemed event.

Zouk usually brings in guest DJs and they usually receive quite a turnout on such nights, so to instead let a non-billed son of a Prime Minister dish out his amateur hits for a crowd that paid not to see him is quite a great way to reward your loyal patrons.

The DJ duo Aly and Fila weren’t too happy either and issued a statement before they played their last track.

“…it seems that Zouk here wants someone else to play. Not only because of that! Because apparently he’s the son of a prime minister,” Fadi says to his dismayed audience in captured footage of that night.


“Thank you so much, enjoy my last track. I’ll see you somewhere in the future. Not in Zouk anymore! Because I won’t play in Zouk any-f*****g-more,” he declared. “They’ve insulted me, but I love you guys.”

Looks like we won’t be seeing them in Zouk anytime soon.

Some of Zouk’s patrons weren’t all too happy either, we may not be seeing them in Zouk anytime soon either.

Screenshot 2016-03-07 17.06.22

Kudos Zouk.




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