Hello Kitty Cafe comes to Singapore


Yes, it’s true. The infamous cat without a mouth will be heading our way.

The cafe will commence operations at Changi Airport Terminal 3 in May 2016.

For a local flavour, the cafe will feature orchids  and will center its design on a “garden city” theme. Yes, lots of flowers and greenery.
Details of the menu are kept secret and not revealed to the public yet. But yes, you can certainly expect culinary renditions of the cat. And loads of pink and ribbons.
Hello Kitty Orchid Garden will operate 24 hours and offer all-day breakfasts and desserts like gelato sundaes, waffles, pastries and tea cakes.
The cafe will also have a retail space selling Hello Kitty merchandise such as tea blends and grow-it-yourself plant kits, all of which are exclusive to Singapore.


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