Here’s one way to get on stage at a concert

Singaporean’s hilariously loud T-shirt scored him some stage time.

Madonna’s concert came with a ton of controversy. The Archbishop and leader of the Roman Catholic faith in Singapore spoke about it at length and encouraged his congregation to shun the pop star.

Not many felt inclined to see things from his point of view. Her concert was still a hit and many went to watch their goddess in action. One fan was a clear standout. A guy named Hamzah was pulled on stage as Madonna’s Unapologetic Bi**h of the evening. And he caught her eye with his loud get-up.

The video is a little explicit and if you’re vocally against the Pink Dot movement in Singapore, you might want to avert your gaze for a while.

The currently viral Hamzah explains in a Facebook post how he got selected.


It’s a concert, it’s supposed to be a good time and it looks like everyone did.


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