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#TrueStory – Indo police burns 3.3 tons of weed, got an entire town high

Couple days ago, the PSI crept up 29 March, peaking at 87, the highest level this year. Before you get angsty, here’s a funny story to relax you.

Did You Know

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#TrueStory – Indo police burns 3.3 tons of weed, got an entire town high

Just last year, the police of Palmerah (sub-district of West Jakarta) accidentally got their residents high as kites when they burned a 3.3-ton pile of marijuana.

Of course

Some of the police wore masks when they set the weed ablaze, but…


forgot to mention to the folks in surrounding the areas that the smoke may affect them, too.


They basically gave an entire town a contact high. Source

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For a misrepresentation of how it might have been, check out this news reporter who got high on live tv

Or, just stick your head out the window and describe your lunch to us.


Now, who’s wishing THIS was the haze that got to us instead?



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