Is This Career Suicide?


ST editor retracts “strong worded” statement about daughter of Lee Kuan Yew.

The Assistant Sports Editor of The Straits Times, Chia Han Keong responded to Ms Lee Wei Ling’s post about the hero worship of her father and late founding father Mr Lee Kuan Yew. With it being the first anniversary of Lee Kuan Yew’s death, many Singaporeans have taken to social media and the streets to pay respect to the man that turned the tide for Singapore.


While it has been an overwhelming week with many commemorating LKY’s death, his daughter feels that the adulation might have taken a turn for the obsessive. Straits Times have led the charge with the remembrance and tributes. So to see one of their own lash out in a moment of folly, especially one with considerable influence was a tad off-putting.


Too strong indeed.

While he has retracted his initial statement and apologised for the post, could this be a step in the wrong direction for an employee of our national paper?

“Hello all,

Earlier today, I posted a Facebook post expressing my views about Dr Lee Wei Ling’s views about how Singaporeans have been remembering her father on his death anniversary. In hindsight, the post was too strongly worded.

I’ve since taken down the post. I would also like to add that as this is my private account, my views do not represent that of my company, the Singapore Press Holdings Ltd, nor those of my newspaper, The Straits Times.


Chia Han Keong
Assistant Sports Editor
The Straits Times/The Sunday Times”

Whilst the tributes are a testament of Lee’s legacy, it shouldn’t be a yearly tribute. Especially as the late former Prime Minister himself has said, he doesn’t need a day set aside to remember him, neither does he need a statue of himself erected. It was nice to see the outpour of tributes for a man that did so much for the country, but perhaps turning him into a cult figure is the last thing he would have wanted.


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