A possible end to the haze?

Technology to save us from the haze in future.

Imagine a world where we can live without having to go through the haze on an annual basis. That sentence itself has shown just how far we’ve fallen, where we give in to the idea of the annual smog.

There might be hope yet, Greenpeace Indonesia has launched the first interactive real-time digital map of the archipelago’s forests. The map was developed in all of 6 months, a hasty effort to help curb and monitor the forests and the fires in Indonesia.


For the first time, the public will also be able to access the maps and be able to pin point where exactly these fires are. And if the public are able to do so, authorities will have no excuses and should or have to come up with a relevant strategy to tackle any future fires.

“This map is based on other maps that are legitimate because they are produced by the government,” said Bambang Widjojanto, a law expert and former Indonesian Anti-Corruption Agency Commissioner. “This map is structured, over-laid and presented in one format. Therefore it is can be used as evidence.”


For almost two decades, the haze created by Indonesian forest fires has periodically choked the air of neighbouring countries, affecting millions of people in Singapore, Malaysia and even Thailand.

Can we finally breathe in clean fresh air?

It’s not too much to ask for.


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