SPH so Hush Hush

SPH issued a public apology to TRS!


Not many would have noticed the tiny column issuing a public apology from SPH to one of the former editors of now defunct “socio-political” site The Real Singapore (TRS).

Did you know there was even a suit against them?

And they admitted their mistake, “gallantly”.

The local paper had previously ran an article titled “They own posh unit, says S’porean student”. Brilliant title, especially because the title explicitly states they wrote and published an entire article based on the words of a student.

We don’t know who the student is but it all seems a little rash to pick up hearsay and pass it off as factual.

We all know TRS was forced to shut it’s site down by MDA after it was pointed out that they had made some pretty bold unheralded claims, and could possibly be facing jail terms under the sedition act.

The couple, Yang Kai Heng and his fiance Ai Takagi had also paid an undisclosed sum to the SPH when the latter filed copyrights charges against them.

SPH has also paid an undisclosed sum along with the apology.

Money come, money go.



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