Why we should not forget the good work done…


PAP MP for Bukit Batok SMC, David Ong resigned from politics yesterday afternoon (12 March 2016) over an alleged affair.

This was announced by PM Lee Hsien Loong on his Facebook profile. He added that he will call for a by-election at a later date.


Ong had been the MP for the Bukit Batok division of Jurong GRC since he stepped into politics in 2011.

Based on anecdotal evidence, Mr Ong had been a well-liked Member of Parliament by his constituents.

If you recall, there was a rat infestation in a hilly plot of land just behind the Bukit Batok MRT Station in December 2014.

As the MP in charge of the division, Mr Ong worked with the relevant authorities to eradicate the  problem which was eventually solved within weeks.

In his letter to respond to Ong’s resignation, PM Lee cited Ong’s work in the constituency and in Parliament.

“The programmes you introduced are making a difference: helping needy families with monthly groceries, ensuring they get holistic assistance including jobs and healthcare support, and enabling a fresh start for individuals who have had repeated problems…”

“In Parliament, you spoke up for the elderly regularly on issues such as the retirement age, CPF, Medishield coverage, and the use of Medisave for Specialist Outpatient Clinic treatments.”

– Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

It is really unfortunate that this took place and Ong has to resign, but let’s not forget the good ground work which Ong has done, which has had his constituents and PM Lee validating. A mistake has been committed and Ong has admitted his mistake.

We should learn to draw a divide between this episode and the good that he has done. Perhaps the only people who can judge whether he had been a good MP would be his constituents. So let’s leave them to judge for themselves.


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  1. Totally agree. David Ong was a committed, caring MP who served the community selflessly. He will always have my respect and admiration. Judgementalism is uncalled for, and the old adage about letting he who is without fault casting the first stone applies. His departure is a loss to our community.

    1. Jesus said to the adulterous woman go and sin no more. He said to those wanted her to be stoned to death ” let those with no sin be the first to cast the first stone.” So jesus did judge. Singaporeans are not asking for david ong’s death but they do have the right to judge his actions. David ong committed adultery and wrecked another’s family.

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