20 things you’ll understand if you’re a Singaporean in Bangkok

Singaporean in Bangkok

Singaporean in Bangkok …

1) Changing Thai Baht at the airport money changer

money rain

2) Dressing up for the hot weather

Tom Daley rips clothes

3) Walking into Platinum Mall

Throw Money

4) When you bargained hard and paid cheaper for a dress than your friend did

nigahia snaps

5) The realisation that you overpaid for a dress


6) Negotiating fare with the tuk tuk driver

Don't push me

7) Walking around Chatuchak market


8) Going for Thai massage


9) Realising that it’s the traditional kind of massage that cracks your bones

kidding me

10) Looking at older white dudes with very young Thai girls on the streets


11) Ordering Thai Food


12) Eating Thai Food

stuffing face food

13) Drinking Iced Thai Milk Tea in the scorching heat


14) Going to the toilet after Thai food binge


15) Walking into the Lebua Sky Bar

The Hangover squad

16) Realising the drink you ordered in Lebua Sky Bar is ridiculously expensive


17) Walking into the bar where every drink is cheap


18) When you still want more alcohol since it is too cheap

too drunk

19) Getting come hither looks from Thai girls on the street while waiting to catch a cab home

leave me alone

20) Calling it a night after a long day out in Bangkok

so comfy


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