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Want to pull a Houdini and zhao your NS?

Amos Yee has perhaps shot himself in the foot, or not. He’s managed to run away from NS. He isn’t the first to have ran in fear from serving the two years. Almost all men here have served their National Service, and yes it was no fun, and to many of us it could have been time better spent beginning our careers.

However, we still did it. We got it over and done with, did our part for the nation and quite a number of our careers haven’t suffered too much for it. And honestly you walk away with memories and bonds forged that’ll last you a lifetime. Bonds and networks that perhaps could one day change or shape your life for the better.

Now we’re not calling “The boy who fled” out, it’s his prerogative to run and hide. It definitely isn’t much of a life especially if you can’t ever come home. Even in the events of a death in the family. But then again Amos doesn’t have any real bonds with anyone aside from the screen in front of him and the netizens he converses with.

So if you’re feeling a little humji and would like to dodge National Service, perhaps this video could come in handy for you. If not just grit up, pack a good book with you and go put on your uniform.

Here’s the video.

As usual it is a lengthy video that rambles on about the lack of support for people like him. And/or how the state has treated him. You don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to, just know that it’s out there.


  1. Among the NS dodgers, theres 2 very distinctive groups, one with the privileges to relocate to an affable place to facilitate their AWOL in comfort, and those without e resources thus subjected to e less glamorous but “exciting” fugitive lifestyle with perpetual thoughts of being incarcerated playing back in loops, all while they’re r stuck here with e rest of his discriminating peers, bitter of being helpless to their own plight of serving NS. The distinction between e 2 r like heaven n earth. So unless one belongs to the former group, it actually takes much bigger balls to go AWOL, then e less risk averse conscripts who’s only way of seeking solace from their powerlessness, is by labeling those taking e beaten path humji.

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