The Big U-Turn

So the Thomson-line blog hasn’t been forced to close.

The blog was originally slated for closure according to it’s owner Nethaniel, a student at Singapore Polytechnic. He had originally posted a final message on his blog detailing the threats of legal action that LTA had issued him for his coverage of the ongoing construction.

However over the weekend, an informal meeting took place with the blogger and LTA. With encouragement from his friends and family, the teen has changed his mind about taking down his blog.


On Saturday, Nethaniel was invited to the launch of the tunnel-boring machine for the Thomson Line’s Stevens Station by contractor Daewoo Engineering and Construction — the company was not among those that had previously threatened him with prosecution.

The LTA team had also met with him and discussed the positivity that his blog has created. The teen had previously stated that he had reached out to LTA in hopes of collaboration, but received no response from them.

LTA said that they were not aware of any requests for collaboration. They have since contacted him though and have turned the situation from one of public outcry to that of a positive solution. They’ve also denied that there were threats of legal action.

Nethaniel has said that he will continue his work on the blog,  “If I do not do the blog, nobody else would. The public and stakeholders deserve to have frequent updates and understanding of the progress of the construction works for these government projects which are funded by taxpayers, and ultimately utilised and enjoyed by the people.”


So happy resolutions all around, LTA has a blog that’s not asking for anything, and the teen has finally reached collaboration with LTA. We need a win in the current situation with our public transport, and this could be it.

Win win.


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