Blogging Disgrace

You give blogging a bad name.

PR firms, Marketing firms, Event companies, we urge you to really consider who you add to your invitation list.

Ten years ago if you had told someone that you were a blogger, many people would smile and wave it off as a hobby or a pastime but not a steady stream of income. In the years that’ve followed we’ve seen the explosion of blogging celebrities the world over.

These bloggers were the first in a trend of internet celebrities. Blogging gave rise to youtube professionals and other social-media celebrities. The likes of Xiaxue and Perez Hilton created a utopia for girls to make a living teaching other girls how to tie their hair or put on their lipstick, and for boys to stay at home and play video games all day.

Of course those are just a myopic view of how many in society see the likes of these internet celebrities. And then there are those who fancy themselves writers, content creators, influencers and the much detested food critic. “Critics”, this term has been brandied about freely for way too long. Sure, everyone is entitled to their opinion and some people have a bigger voice than others (Remember Hitler?). Sadly, a huge number of said critics lack the keen sensory talents to actually taste, feel, see or basically appreciate anything.

In Singapore, we’ve got a culture where “Free is good”. For some bloggers that no longer is the case. Free is no longer good, you have to pay them to eat your food, write about your food and hope they don’t flame you in their articles. When have we transferred the authority from paid professionals to freeloading cretin?

We approach the main body of this article. (a blogger, yes) recently put up a post, or an arrow through the knee if you may at a fellow blogger. A pseudo-blogger, who has murdered journalistic integrity and bathed in the blood of it. A blogger who has no shame in taking money from non-profit organisations for her own benefit. A blogger who consults her unknown boyfriend in regards to paying her debts.


Alvinology has left her name blank because it seems that all these bad and negative attention, instead of putting her in her place only serves to drive more traffic towards her.

What has she done so far?

  1. Threatened to write a bad review if a salon refused her a free haircut.
  2. Insists that a non-profit organisation rep foot a SGD$700+ bill despite her being the one insisting that they dine at restaurant of her choice.
  3. Tries to pull the same salon trick in Japan. Way to represent Singapura.

She’s probably done more, but I for one can’t be buggered to write more about her.

Yahoonews did a piece about her. You can catch up on full events on Alvinology as well. And the pièce de résistance, this expose blog.

To whet your appetite, here’s a little snippet of what she enjoys getting up to.

ja2 ja1

The pen is mightier than the sword, it’s an age old tool of reaching the masses. However there’s more than one pen in this world, and integrity goes a long way.

So if you’re looking to host an event or a function where you’d need a blogger to do a little coverage, don’t just jump right in, do a little homework.


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