How Does a Mercedes Ben(d)z?

Sorry for the bad pun.

But hey, you couldn’t make this one up.

Last week a BMW, this week a Benz.

You’ve probably seen the BMW surrounded by concrete bricks left by disgruntled construction workers. You’ve also probably heard about Rui En’s BMW and its brush with the law.

And hey, Singapore just doesn’t disappoint.

This week, another car gets into a dramatic situation, and it’s yet another high end car.

Is there a trend here?

A car mounted a centre divider this morning (April 19), bringing traffic to a standstill along Braddell Road towards Bartley, after Toa Payoh.

It is unclear what caused the accident.

Traffic was so bad it stretched all the way to the PIE. That’s a Bangkok-esque jam. Traffic isn’t exactly the best in Singapore, but a jam that long is out of the ordinary.

How do we know the car is a Mercedes Benz?

Netizens of course, thanks to citizen journalism site, STOMP.

Daytona View 1
Daytona View 2

While this is news for a slow day, we’re exploring the correlation of high end cars and accidents. Although this seemed more of a genuine accident that took place during the peak hours in the morning.

Still really mind-boggling how the car managed to end up on the barricade.

Too many cars on the road perhaps?

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    (April 21, 2016 - 12:14 pm)

    False sense of entitlement, Irresponsible and reckless driver more likely than number of cars

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